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Saipul Jamil did not want to commit adultery ( Duda Dewi Persik )

10:41 PM Posted by Tsanind09

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JAKARTA - Saipul Jamil Mely now with the court. Widower Jonas Brothers turn this presumption is commit adultery with Mely.

"Relationships we are running healthy. That is, far from natural. He was not the wife I am. I do not want that kind of. Boleh tanya deh same former first I, I like what tuh. If the wife is not, I kind of want enggak - kind, "said the man who is familiar disapa ipul found in the TPI Grebek Market, Market Master at the Kramat Jati, East Jakarta, Sabtu (21/2/2009).

Ipul not deny, in his heart there is intention to marry Mely, a later time.

"Hopefully, if I allow God's marriage, the grateful. Mely bunda would be called if married, I called my father," thought ipul.

Former prospect deputy Mayor of Serang recognizes that always serious in a relationship with a woman.

"That was definitely something I truly, enggak want to play. Moreover, people should disayang kayak Mely, observed," said ipul flirtatious.

Post Jonas Brothers proclaiming love affair with Aldi Taher, fire ipul visible beard. He did not want to lose. At the anniversary event and the restaurant Olga Syahputra, ipul bring Mely, diakuinya as a new boyfriend. (ang)

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