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Claudia Cyntia Bella

11:43 AM Posted by Tsanind09

gosip artis indonesia
After dropping out of Ananda Mikola, Laudya Chinthya Bella
still have not found new moorings heart.
When menjomblo, and the film 'Love' this
feel free to confess that not much. Bella
also that, if not himself at this time would hurry
court again.

Besides singing and akting, Bella also have
ambition that this has not been met. Whether
ambition is?

Following passage indonesiaselebriti interviews with
24 girls in the future even in February aged 21 years
This, when found in the area of Cafe Kemang, Jakarta
South, has not been this long.

IS: What will you starring again
LCB: Now finished the film syuting children and easy -
that can be released April future. In addition, I
also more syuting for film, entitled SMS

IS: Is there a difference in the role of the film, from film -
previous film?
B: Yes, I get up, because I am so there
obese and tomboy. I became Tasya, character
cewekyang not care about the same guy.

IS: What is the BBB?
B: Still exist, not last long ngeluarin album.
And I have planned an album again, because we as -
same busy ngumpulin personnel and the BBB is difficult

IS: Is there any intention nyanyi solo?
B: To bid nyanyi sendiri sih have been
some, but if I'm not personally confident.

IS: I'm not confident, just hours of the BBB is
B: The reason was, because I prefer something ngerjain
I certainly have and in front of the eye. I do not want to seem
aji mumpung, anything that I do not want to home -

IS: For a career, you want more focus on where?
LCB: AKu more Konsen Sinetron to the film and, because I
started from akting. So if suddenly ordered nyanyi
sometimes deal still stumble on the same contract

IS: After akting and film, whether you intend
try another profession?
LCB: I'm trying boutique business, business to
mensiasati if I have not used again in the world

IS: There is a difference without celebrating valentine
LCB: Menurutku is not something that is very
effect, Moreover I own habit. Valentine
I have this job in Jogya

IS: Do you now still menjomblo?
LCB: Mmmmh ..., so I still own aja. Because type I
do that is difficult to open the heart, I now focus on the
work aja

IS: Nggak feel bored without a boyfriend?
LCB: I enjoyed the menjomblo, so I
not depend on the same guy. Can go where self -
without the ngatur, so we can love
self, he .. he .. he ...

IS: With often mutually girlfriend, if you
I fear labeled 'play girl'?
LCB: He ... he .. he .. image is Ada Kok, now I
want to align, umurku still 20, change change-boyfriend
itukan is not suitable. If it does not match what the
dipaksain. For images that's up to the assessment,
so I do seneng Get this. Mending from now
change change-boyfriend, later than the change-change husband.
Ha ... ha ... ha ...

IS: How to find love again is like what?
LCB: I want to find a match and karakterku

IS: Not this time he said you back together again Raffy,
I correct?
LCB: I'm not the same court again Raffy, still temen.
Because we so often spelled out with more girls.
If disuatu event he never says I balikan again
just kidding that, until now I still single

IS: The desire is not achieved until the year
LCB: This year I want to study, from yesterday, yesterday
delayed because of busy work continues. For education
is number one, I'm not always the case in the world

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