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Roy Suryo ; Pinkan Mambo Bugil ?

11:53 AM Posted by Tsanind09

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In the case of photo bugil Azhari brothers Roy Suryo feel confident that their images. But now in the photo bugil Pinkan Mambo, telecommunications experts still meragukannya.

Some time ago bugil photo circulating is similar to the Pinkan Mambo. However, telecommunications specialist, Roy Suryo maish doubting the authenticity of the photo.

"This image is only one. So risk is to say this is correct or not. Moreover, this picture was taken from the low angel still so difficult analysis. I highly doubt the authenticity of this picture, "said Roy Suryo.

Meanwhile, analysis of male origin Yogyakarta said that if the photo is taken in a room and use a digital camera that has a very low resolution.

"If there is additional data or testimony this photo, the new more detail can be analyzed and can be women, who indeed is in the image," explained.

Semenatara that, Pinkan Mambo face similar to that which is in the photo bugil not acknowledge that the photo is himself. The former Queen of personnel is not never felt berfoto bugil. (yan / indoseleb)

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