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Hotman Paris praised Merriam Bellina

5:27 AM Posted by Tsanind09

Seputar artis indonesia, Merriam Bellina diisukan menikah dengan Hotman Paris hutapeaNews wedding wordless cannon between Merriam Bellina and Hotman Paris Hutapea continue circulating. Is it true that they have a pair of husband and wife?

Hotman menangapi own back issues to the relaxed. Infotainment all be prepared to be sent to Nusakambangan because you have to spread slander and deceive 300 million people of Indonesia. Issues may not marry because it does not exist, "specifically.
Merriam bellina is hot sexy artis indoneisia era 80-an

Hotman previously promised to provide 50 billion gift to be able to prove that gun Bellina pregnant and marries her. "Because no one can prove, the 50 billion akan I use to buy the whole company and I infotainment akan sack you all," he said half-kidding. However, Hotman taklupa praise Bellina cannon. "Mer is the most beautiful woman in the world," he said.


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